Career and Technical Education Courses

Agricultural and Natural Resources

Ag and Natural Resources I
2 semesters; 2 unit credits
Agricultural and Natural Resources I is designed to introduce the student to fundamental concepts and principles of the modern agricultural and natural resources industry. Emphasis is placed on career and leadership skills; basic principles of plant, animal, and soil science; and basic mechanical technologies in the field.

Ag and Natural Resources II
2 semesters; 2 unit credits
Agricultural and Natural Resources II is designed to continue the exploration of fundamental concepts and principles associated with agriculture and natural resources. Emphasis is placed on the conservation and management of natural resources; agricultural business-management practices; and the environment as it relates to water quality, forestry, and wildlife. Instruction is provided on basic agriculture-construction techniques and agriculture business-management and processes.



Business Fundamentals
2 semesters; 2 unit credits
Major topics of study in this course are communication and customer service, professional development for careers in business management, economics, personal finance, business management, and business law.

Business Marketing
2 semesters; 2 unit credits
This course introduces students to the marketing environment and the role of marketing in planning how a business will reach potential customers. Students will also learn how marketers develop pricing and promotion strategies to attract consumers as well as how to use market research to respond to customer needs and wants. Emphasis will be on the marketing functions of product/service management, distribution, selling, and marketing information systems.

Health Science

Health Science I
2 semesters, 2 units credit
The Health Sciences (Core) course introduces students to the theory and practical applications of tasks related to employment in the field of health science. Students will cover topics such as safety in the workplace, infection control, health care systems, and the vital organs of the human body. The course offers insight into careers in health care as well as educational requirements and the professional, legal, and ethical responsibilities involved. The program is subject to work ethic, discipline and attendance review prior to enrolling. If the request to enroll is greater than the availability, other factors are also considered.

Health Science II
2 semesters, 2 units credit
The Health Sciences II (Healthcare and Clinical Services) course helps the student establish insight in the healthcare field. Students will be exposed to the theory and applied tasks related to careers within health care. This course covers topics such as human growth and development, health informatics, information technology, and therapeutic and rehabilitative services. Other topics include medical and emergency services, mental health, and pharmacological and nursing services.