Dress Code

School Uniform Policy 2023 - 2024


Maroon, Gray or White



  • Short or long sleeve polo
  • Short or long sleeve oxford/blouse
  • Sweaters



  • Shirts must be worn tucked into the pants on all boys and girls (Exceptions may be made based on the principal's discretion)
  • Sweaters must be worn over an approved top 
  • Only pre-approved school logos will be allowed on tops
  • School-approved hoodies or school-approved sweatshirts may be worn over a school-approved undershirt without a polo



  • No brand logos. No denim. No sleeveless tops
  • No label, insignia, print, writing, or monogramming may appear on tops (other than the school insignia/logo)
  • No head covering, such as caps, hats, hoods for grades K-12



  • Solid color-khaki or black
  • "Docker" style pants
  • Pleated Flat front "Docker" style shorts
  • Pleated Flat front Skirts/Skorts Pleated Flat front
  • Capris Pleated Flat front 



  • Pants must be worn with a belt through the belt loops and properly fastened.
  • Belts must be worn with skirts/skorts/pants if belt loops are present on the skirts/skorts/pants.
  • All bottoms must be hemmed.
  • Pants must fit properly and cannot be more than one size too big.
  • Skirts, skorts, and shorts must meet the "fingertip" rule. 



  • No flair legs
  • No spandex, polyester, or other tight fitting bottoms
  • No warm up suits
  • No over-length styles
  • No sagging
  • No holes, cuts, or tears are permitted 



  • All shoes must be properly tied or fastened. 
  • No house shoes/slippers/shower shoes / "heelies" 



  • Jackets can be no longer than mid-thigh.
  • Lightweight jackets/sweaters should be in school colors or solid black or solid khaki). 
  • School letter jackets are allowed.
  • All jackets and coats must be in school colors (or black, khaki, or gray).
  • There can be no lettering on this outer wear.
  • The logo on any jackets or coats can be no larger than two inches.
  •  No Dusters / Long coats 



Students may wear an approved top that associates that student with an athletic team or activity group on a given day that corresponds with an event associated with a team sport or activity. Students may wear approved apparel other than the approved dress code on days associated with special school functions or activities designated by the administration. 


Students who do not follow the dress code will be disciplined as follows:

  1. For the first violation, the student will receive a warning and must adhere to the dress code before returning to class.
  2. For the second and all subsequent violations, the student will be put in in-school suspension.  


New Students

Upon enrollment during the school year, a student will have 5 school days in which to comply with the dress code. (Administration may grant additional time due to extenuating circumstances)