Career Center

Jimmie Goodson, Director

The Career Center, located on the second floor of the Multi-Purpose Building, serves as a doorway to college admissions and career pathways. You can quickly find information for most any occupation or school. What's out there? How do you decide? What sort of education will it take? How can I find the money to get the education I need for the job I want to do? You can learn about planning your career path, making your career decision, measuring your talents and skills, and find many resources to help you get started.

In addition to occupational and educational information, community service information is available in the Career Center. This includes the forms to record your community service, as well as places to volunteer.

Whether you need information about a particular occupation, college, university, vocational school, financial aid or scholarship information, test preparation materials, or anything else to help you prepare for your future, the CHS Career Center is the place to check out. The center is open during the regular school hours .


  1. Occupational Outlook Handbook
  2. Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance
  3. Job Strategies for People with Disabilities
  4. College guides
  5. Resume helps (high school and job-related)
  6. Careers without College Series
  7. Opportunities in...Series
  8. Great Jobs in...Series (Psychology Majors, Math Majors, English Majors, etc.)
  9. Occupational Briefs
  10. Career For...Series (Hollywood Type, Outdoor Types, etc.
  11. Scholarship information
  12. ACT and SAT helps

There are many more materials in the Career Center too numerous to list.